I don't know how you have found your way here, but... the important thing is where you will go.

I will send you on a journey to test your wits, your lateral thinking, your creativity, your common sense.

You won't need much on your journey except your brain, an internet connection and some basic computer knowledge (pen and paper might be handy at some times), but you will hopefully have a lot of happy memories at the end of the journey.

As you will soon notice, I love Origami. That's why most (if not all) the pictures in this riddle are constructed from Origami models (with the help of some image manipulation...). All of those models have been folded (no cuts, no glue) by myself and many of them are my original designs. But don't be afraid. I don't expect you to be a master folder. If you can fold a sheet of paper, f.e. to fit it into an envelope, you have all the Origami knowledge you will need.

If you want to see some of the riddles that have been my inspiration to create this riddle, check out this list of riddles that I am or have been working on.

So... enough said... continue on to the next page for some
Riddle Instructions