In Progress


AmginE   paused on Level 52
Amnesya   paused on Level 60
BTB Riddle   working on Level 29
Clever Waste of Time   paused on Level 60
Color Riddle   paused on Meta 2 (Orange, Aqua, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Red complete)
Dracula's Riddle   paused on Level 41
Elemental Riddle   paused on Level 12 because it seemed to much work...
Final Quest   paused on Level 25
Final Quest Genesis   paused on Level 20
Forgotten Secret   stuck on Level 17 (had some promising ideas but nothing worked)
GoBox Riddle   stuck on Level 51
Godtower   paused on Level 10
Inward Helix   working on Level 24
Marv Riddle   paused on Level 5
MetaRiddle   paused on Level 15
Mind Quiz 3   too lazy to think about level 42
Notpron   completed all 82 positives, somehow got bored on -24
P4X the Riddle   paused on Level 71
Riddling Park   paused on Level 22
Swell   stuck on Level 63
The Annoying Thing   paused on Level 23
The Memory Palace   paused on Level 8
The Red Thread   working on Level 40
The Web Riddle   paused on Level 5
ze?t   paused on Level 5

Temporary End

Cry4Eternity   waiting for Level IV
Destination: Elsewhere   waiting for Levels 96 and S8
Escape Riddle   waiting for Level 44 (Right)
Eternal Quest   waiting for Level 30
GhisDiem's Riddle   waiting for Level 61
Ikode Riddle   waiting for final levels (positives, negatives, letters, secret finished)
Notyoff   waiting for -7 (finished positives)
SnowMen   waiting for Level 55
The Web Riddle Two   waiting for Level 13
Zeroriddle   waiting for Level 28


99 Chambers   99 Chambers
Alex Riddle   50 Levels + Secret (finished first!!)
Awesome Riddle 3   25 Levels
badpron   20 Levels
Books   100 Levels
City Riddle   19 Levels
Clueblues   50 Levels
DemonRiddles   20 Levels (not available anymore)
Enigma, The Mystery   25 Levels
Frustration   ~ 62 Levels (2 Stages)
Funrunner Riddles   30 Levels
Greek Riddle   25 Levels
India Riddle   25 Levels
Klueless 4   31 Levels
Mind Quiz 4   10 Warm-Up Levels + 50 Levels (finished as second)
MindQuiz   25 Levels
Mr. Logic's Digiddle Game   81 Rooms (finished as second)
Mr. Logic's Pick-a-Path Riddle   81 Rooms (finished as first!!)
Pandora's Trail   70 Quests (+ some more with dead ends)
Phobos I   30 Levels
Phobos II   30 Levels
Phobos III   L Levels
QuizArena   46 Levels
QWeb Riddle   18 Levels
QWeb Riddle 2   60 Levels (finished first!!)
Riddle-Riddle   18 Levels
The First door   13 Doors
The Logix Riddle   40 Levels
The Logix Riddle II   60 Levels
The Logix Riddle III   50 Levels
The Protogon   20 Levels
The Puzzle of Doom   43 Levels
The Second Door   12 Doors
Ultimate Riddle   70 Levels + 7 Secret Levels
Valle Students Riddle   50 Levels
Who's Got Game?   50 Levels
Zahada   75 Levels + 2 Bonus Levels